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Style Guide: Bridesmaid Dresses

Since I have been the maid of honor a several times, I’ve had my fair share of the best part when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. When being a bridesmaid, your role is to support the bride. That means wearing the dress they choose for you with grace and highlighting the appreance of bride on the big day. For all of you brides and bridesmaids out there, I’ve rounded up 5 bridesmaid dresses from eDressit, sure to leave the whole wedding complemented.

Featuring simple lovely strapless sweetheart neckline, this dress is your wardrobe must-have. A-line chiffon skirt falls beautifully to the floor. Its simple elegant style makes it suits any occasion, whether for bridesmaids, prom or homecoming, this dress can be your perfect choice.

Elegant, delicate and beautiful! You will have this perfect floor length formal dress for any occasion. Chic features include sheer capped sleeves, sweetheart neckline along with a ruched bodice. Perfect for your wedding or evening occasions. Pair it with a sparkling necklace to add some shine!

This simple but elegant rosy brown gown features charming off shoulder style, which creates a feminine taste. Satin waistband helps to flatter your figure and build a cinched wasit. It will be suitable for all of your maids of honor.


One dress, endless styles!
There are multiple ways to wear this dress for different looks, with two front sashes, two back sashes and a detachable waistband.
From sleeveless to strapless, you can create styles that show off your best tastes and to suit any occasion.
Easy, convertible and affordable, hidden back zipper will perfect your look, this amazing dress will make your big day special!


This simple elegant off shoulder gown is your wardrobe must-have. The bold color can definitely make a statement at any of your stylish occasions. Wear it for wedding, evening party or prom to catch a newest look.
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Most Popular Bridesmaid Dresses 2015

You probably have the dress, now it is time to find the best cheap bridesmaid dresses for your best girls. Choosing bridesmaid dresses is one of the first planning decisions you will make as a bride, and it may be very stressful. But do not worry, you will never go wrong with the bridesmaid dresses that are very popular among the bridesmaids and brides. Let’s take a look now!
Navy, grey, pink and coral are the top selling colors for bridesmaid dresses this year. Those colors create an elegant and formal feel, and they are very classic and simple which can be wear again after the wedding ceremony. From pastel to navy to midnight, blue is also a very hot hue for your bridesmaids.
Short bridesmaid dresses are the new trends in bridesmaid dresses this season. Soft, sweet, and sassy styles are hot among brides. And they are perfect for this summer. You can give your best girls a kind of cool feeling with these short and sweet bridesmaid dresses.
Of course, the best bridesmaid dresses you should choose is which can fit your wedding color theme and your best girls’ figures perfectly. You can select a color or theme and let your bridesmaids find a style that makes them look and feel great. So keep an open mind when choosing bridesmaid dresses. And remember, it is your dream! When all eyes are on you and your bridesmaids, it is your time to shine. Just embrace the beauty that you are and create an unforgettable wedding day for you and your best girls.
The most popular bridesmaid dresses 2015 summer from eDressit may be your best choices to buy. Take a look now!

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Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

When planning a wedding, the choice of wedding attire is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make. Apart from wedding dress, choosing the dresses and accessories for the bridesmaids is equally important, and can be just as difficult as selecting the wedding gown. Cheap bridesmaid dresses with various styles and colors online offer us many options, so it is important to choose the most suitable bridesmaid dresses that would make your best girls look their best at your wedding ceremony. Here are some tips for you to choose your bridesmaid dresses.
1. Match Wedding Theme
Bridesmaids and bridesmaids dresses should complement and enhance the bride and the whole occasion. Just because the bridesmaids look beautiful doesn’t detract from the bride. If you have decided on a theme for your wedding that includes a specific color palette, your bridesmaid dresses should reflect that theme. Choose colors that you like and think would look good on all of your friends (consider their complexions and hair colors). Brighter colors are generally more flattering with darker complexions, while pastel hues are a perfect pick for girls with fairer skin.
2. Select A Style that Flatters
Choose silhouettes that work well with your bridesmaids’ body types. Every woman’s body shape is different, and what flatters one may not suit another. What often works is to choose a designer that offers similar dresses with different necklines, and let your bridesmaids pick the cut that most flatters their body type.
3. Get Comfortable Materials
Choose a fabric for the bridesmaid dresses that complements your own. More importantly is that you should keep the comfort of your bridesmaid dresses in mind. Select the right fabrics of bridesmaid dresses according to the wheather or season you are going to get married.
Finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses takes time and careful consideration. Bridesmaid dresses 2015 summer from eDressit may give you some inspirations. Take a look now!
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Unique Green Bridesmaid Dresses

I love green. It is my favorite color. From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy. Green is a zealous color for a wedding, especially for a spirng one. So a great choice is provided for the bride who has always puzzling in choosing the cheap bridesmaid dresses when she has many maids of honor and cannot decide what color should be the most suitable for all of them.
I think green color is gorgeous for a wedding. It is a color of nature, stands for the hopeness. If you choose green as your bridesmaid dresses color, each girl would like to wear it. Green can also fire the atmospheres of the wedding, making your big day an unforgettable one. Furthermore, green bridesmaid dresses can make a fashion statement. You may find it hard to please everyone, but as long as you’re happy then they should be too if they really care; however it they are girls at the end of the day and every girl wants to feel pretty with what they wear. If you can chose a style of green dress that gets smiles all round, then you are onto a winner! If you want to do all different colors, just make sure you choose hues in the same tone, whether it’s muted, jewel, or pastel. Cheap printed bridesmaid dresses is amazing — and if the variety suits you, that’s all the more reason to do it.
If you are still looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses in different styles and colors, eDressit is the a good place to come.

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Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Marriage is really expensive life events. Choosing a wedding dress style is a very big decision. There are many different factors to consider. It is one of the biggest decisions about your wedding that you will make. From princess-style silhouettes to sleek figure-hugging gowns, there are so many different routes you can take with your dress—after all, it is your day, so you should be able to rock whatever look you want!
A high neckline, long sleeves, and a full skirt: this is undoubtedly a vintage wedding dress from the 1950s. If you are a fan of vintage dresses style, you can choose one this kind of dresses to show your personality and temperament. Cap sleeves are another great dress option. They are ideal for both small and large-busted girls for a little extra something to help hold up “the girls.” If you have a dream of princess, Try finding a dress with a long empire waist bow for a sweet and unexpected accent. You’ll really feel like royalty on your wedding day in this adorable style gown. Match the bow to your bridesmaids or choose your own entirely unique color. If you dare to show a little skin in this ultra-sexy, yet elegant silhouette. Backless dresses are a fantastic way to be a little risqué without going over-the-top. Besides, it’s better to show your back than to have an abundance of cleavage on your wedding day.
After finding your perfect wedding gown, don’t forget to get some bridesmaid dresses for your best girls. Cheap bridesmaid dresses are available in all sizes and colors at If you want to match perfectly with this spring season, you can also find cheap printed bridesmaid dresses here.