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Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that evoke such happy childhood memories for people, including colorful costumes, festive school parties and trick or treating in the neighborhood. It is an ideal time to host an after-school party. Wear whatever you want, and wrap lots of different extension cords around you, the more colors the better. Make sure they are connected to each other. People will look at you all confused and ask what your costume is. When you tell them” I’m a random hook-up”, they will nominate you for Most Original Costume!
If the thought of a Halloween costume makes you scream in fright, we’re here to solve your problem. Your perfect costume can some right from your closet. If you have an old prom or bridesmaid dress in your closet, you are ready to create a range of Halloween costumes. Add a crown, and you are a princess. Ditch the crown, and add wings and a wand, and viola! You’re a fairy princess.
bridesmaid dress halloween


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