Four Details Add Fun to Your Wedding

1.Wedding Dresses
First things first. A piece of outstanding wedding dress with chic design is a must. Every bride wants to have a different wedding ceremony from others, so how to select a wonderful dress remains a question. We can choose custom-made wedding dress , most online custom-made dresses are not that expensive and you will be out of the ordinary in this special dress. After the event leave it to your sisters or best friends to continue this special happiness.Besides, bridesmaid dresses are also should be your consideration, because they will add a special color to your special day.

2.Wedding Cake
Special designed wedding cake will bring an expected surprise for you. Flower designed or animal shaped or any creative wedding cake design you can imagine. Why not think out one and show the love story between you and your groom?
3.Wedding Card
The most important thing of wedding card is not how exquisite it is or how good the material is, but the point lies in the content. If there are some romantic or funny stories happened between you and the groom, you’d better add then into the card. It will surly make your guests interested. A slight change can make your wedding quite different.
4.Wedding Photos
Wanna add some fun and unforgettable moment to your wedding? Ok, here are the tips. Make fun of the best men and let the camera record this funny moment. Or take some interesting and mischievous photos that are quite unusual.


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